Monday, April 30, 2012

By the Time You're In Your 20s

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Lately I've noticed a trend being geared towards women approaching adult-hood and the things they should have figured out, or more specifically the kind of wardrobe they should have. Would I love a timeless black purse? The perfectly tailored trench coat? A set of luggage that doesn't have bread twisties for zipper pulls? Well sure! But as a 20-something I think there are a few wardrobe staples that we should have figured out before we graduate to the big leagues.

The Perfect Suit.

You have to admit, coming home and changing immediately in to a pair of sweatpants is one of life's simple pleasures, and nothing cuts in to your comfort time like the waistband of pants. Your lounge wear should allow you to hang loose and bonus points if you sit cross legged and your crotch region can catch cookie crumbs.
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First, don't forget the importance of tailoring! Buy a seven dollar pair of sweats and DIY yourself the perfect pair. Cut the waist band out, slit the legs up the side, make them cropped for spring!

These boyfriend sweatpants from Pink pretty much fit the bill while also satisfying my psychological need to steal my boyfriend's clothes (seriously dudes, hide your t-shirts, your girlfriends are taking them to sleep in them. Mostly because we think they smell like you. Gross.)

The beauty of a suit is that you can wear the pieces together or separately. See how I mixed up my green sweatshirt with a printed pair of pants? Printed pants are so hot for Spring, as are pastels!

Or you can accessorize your sweats with a classic black t-shirt and a whole cake!

Or just keep the suit together and accessorize with a knit beret or knee socks that look like Mary Janes, otherwise known as the only item of clothing I could ever afford from Anthropologie.

So do you have this timeless staple in your wardrobe? I'll be posting more about What Every Woman Should Own By the Time She's In Her Twenties!

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