Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I want a bike

The city is plagued with cold again, especially down town where the wind comes whipping through the buildings and you can't find a sunny side of the street to stand on. Some grateful locals refer to this 40 degree weather as "spring" but I refuse. If I had to dig out my winter coat and wool sweaters again, it's not spring. We were wearing shorts a couple of weeks ago! I shouldn't expect anything less from the Midwest I suppose, but I did anyway.

Still, I don't know if it's my "so close and yet so far" distance from the theatre, or the pain of finding a parking space at night, or the trendy culture heavily associated with adorable girls in adorable outfits...but I want a bike. Monetary issues say it's not a possibility right now, but hopefully one day I'll be cruising the city on two wheels at 10mph...with a helmet I might add, Chicago drivers are nuts!

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  1. I have a pink cruiser bike with a basket and a bell :) I ride around all the time!