Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Despite getting my adult stuff together for the most part...full time jobs, apartment searches and whatnot, I feel that in living on my own I haven't been able to conquer one aspect: cooking.

I've never liked the idea of standing in the kitchen for two hours only to have my hard work devoured in five minutes flat. Besides which, in between my two jobs I just don't have the time. Unfortunately when I give up my food service job my one free meal a day goes too, so I have to start getting serious about making food for myself. I've always had fun baking and being the sous chef to my friends, how can I make cooking fun for myself?

First, I found a few great ideas from my beloved Pinterest, and the stand out so far has been Fresh, easy and healthy ideas to get to started, a recommendation to all 20-somethings or otherwise who are trying to get in to the routine of cooking healthy.

Second, is making the time. This has been one of the bigger hurdles as I only have a two hour break between jobs. Would it be nicer to sit on my laptop for an extra hour and just eat PB&J? Yes. But would it be as satisfying as Bistro Style Crispy Chicken? No, no it will not be.

Third, making your shopping list/budget. I would love to make every recipe that I come across, but factors like out of season fruit and expensive yet delicious cheeses come in to play. Knowing what's in season and what you can afford greatly affects what I can make...that being said the price of meat is going to rise this year due to the drought, so plan accordingly.

Fourth, try to make recipes that call for the same ingredient in the same week. A family of four could polish off a pound of grapes, but a single gal needs a little more time. Mix them with a salad, freeze them for a sour snack for later, put them in a little baggie for a snack on the train.

I'll have some more 20-something cooking tips to pass along...because hopefully I'll be able to keep up with my progress. Help me out here, what makes cooking fun and easy for you?

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