Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Fall Fall

Yesterday was the first day of Fall and it slipped right by me. I didn't do anything the least bit Fall-y except for wear boots and contract a nasty change-in-the-weather cold. I should have had pumpkin coffee or apple cider and "lit a fire" in the fireplace at the apartment, so I tried to make up for it this morning...

You can almost hear it crackling, can't you? Don't tell Roommate but I left the apartment this morning with it still "burning". 

The issue is I don't know what fun Fall activities Chicago has to offer, but I have my ideas...mostly because I Googled "Chicago in the Fall" and was inspired to come up with a list. Here are a few things to get me started:

Making a trip to the Doughnut Vault for some roasted almond glazed and other seasonal treats

Go on a Chicago ghost tour just in time for Halloween. Chicago Hauntings offers tours on a nightly basis!

Pay a visit to the Andersonville Farmer's Market for fresh honeycrisp apples or salted caramel popcorn.

Sign up for the Frank Lloyd Wright 5k in Oak Park, just in time to get running before the cold really kicks in.

Take a day trip to Starved Rock State Park for a hike through the changing leaves.

Try the pumpkin pancakes at Pauline's, the "awesomest Andersonville brunch spot in the universe"

Treat myself to a fabulous new fall coat, or this girly long sleeve tee, OR this ah-mazing printed dress.

Decorate my apartment for fall just in time to move and start putting up Christmas decor

Learn to make tasty fall favorites like this, this and this

What's on your Fall To Do list? Anything else I should be doing in Chicago?

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