Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Little Light Reading

Browsing the Urban Outfitters book section is almost, if not more delightful that wandering their hipster/adorable sales rack offerings, and I often find myself getting sucked in to reading more than a couple before I can physically exit the store. Running Buddy happened upon this gem the other day:

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It's a list of 20-something truths accompanied by squiggle illustrations, and the page that got me the most was the real-life resume, which included things like "applying eyeliner" and "making myself throw up after I've has too much to drink". Charming. But it inspired me to create my own Real Life Resume...

Kiley Morgan
Education: The School of Hard Knocks on the Head
Major: Procrastination with a Minor in Sarcasm 

Walking in heels

Falling asleep on the El

Taking care of my friends when they're drunk

Finding a legitimate need to go shopping twice a month

Successfully editing and curating several Pinterest boards

Eating a family-size bowl of popcorn in one sitting

Exploring and implementing fitness methods that don't involve me leaving my house (see couch yoga)

Calling my boyfriend just as he's about to go to sleep with a major life crisis

Throwing away a tooth brush even though I feel that we've formed some sort of kinship

What are your "real life" resume skills?

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