Monday, September 17, 2012

Born to Run

Slowly but surly, I fell off the wagon again.

My plans to go running always begin with a excellent intent and speedy results, but just as quickly as the urge to "just do it" arrives, it's gone. I could blame my two jobs or my lack of funds, but ultimately I'm going to have to blame myself. Because what is stopping me from putting down the laptop right this minute and lacing up? Just little ole' me.

Me, laced up, in January

It seems crazy because when I do follow through with my running plans I feel fantastic, regardless of how I look. It's something to truly marvel at: look what I can do! Look at what I've accomplished today! Yet, I can mentally prepare the fastest list you ever saw of reasons not to go. Not to mention the time I waste being down on myself about it.

What helps you get through with your fitness plans?

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