Saturday, September 1, 2012

How Firm Thy Friendship

The season opener for the Buckeyes is today! But here in Chicago there are few flags being flown and even fewer people shouting "O-H!" at each other. I'm inside all day for the commencement of tech week and I'm just the slightest bit home sick for my Buckeye friends. I came to the realization yesterday that with this new job I won't be eligible for vacation time for six months...March. I hope to have the parade of visitors I had this year, and even more hopeful that some new ones can make the trek. They will be rewarded with museum visits and the best places to get breakfast and pizza in Chicago!

Making me even more homesick is the fact that I won't be going home for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year since I work the day before and day after. I know I'll make it work since so many others in the city manage to, but images of me sitting alone in a studio apartment watching families from my window pile in to their cars Christmas morning to go to Grandma's are haunting me at the moment.

Viking has a theory of my living in the future too much and not enough in the present. So in the spirit of his often wise words, I'm going to celebrate the Buckeyes playing Miami today by wearing my loudest gear and maybe going to McGee's for a beer. I'm happy that tech week is finally beginning and that I have a job that pays me enough to put down some roots and start looking for an apartment. I know I'll see everyone soon enough!


  1. Hi Kiley, Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your blog is great, and it makes me miss Chicago!!! I was reading this post and thinking - NO, you don't have to miss OSU fans - just go to McGees! And then I kept reading and saw that you WERE going to McGees :) We spent many a Saturday yelling OH-IO at McGees... oh the memories from when I wasn't old.

  2. Thank you, I love reading your blog as well, makes me miss Columbus! I'll be doing my best to turn up at McGee's as often as I can :)