Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall Picks 2012

The glorious days of lounging around my apartment with the windows open wearing shorts and a tank top while munching on a peach are numbered. I'm in bed on this crisp Chicago morning Pinterest-ing fall style ideas and wondering if I'll be brave enough to pair my expansive shorts collection with my equally copious amounts of tights this year. The answer: probably yes. I own too many pairs of shorts to simply put them away when Chicago starts to get a little nippy. The sudden shift in temperatures from 90 degrees to 70 got the ball rolling for me to start thinking about my "back to school" shopping.

I didn't realize but based on this board I'm feeling pretty moody. Edgy but girly, with a penchant for dark colors and brooding prints. I'm in love with dark (faux) leather and military detailing but with bejeweled accents. The snake ring in particular is called out to me because it reminds me of a ring my grandpa passed down to my dad. Balancing out the rebel detailing are lacy sweaters, femme fatal brocade prints and peter pan collars.  The chain strap purse seems to be the best representation of where I am with fall style this year.

Apparently the section of my wardrobe calling out for a make-over is pants. Not only am I in love with the floral, burgundy, and high waist varieties shown above, I'm also loving coated denimzipper anklesslouchy khakisbrocadepleated crop and knit pants. Yeah, it's a lot of pants. Luckily obsession comes swiftly and leaves just as fast. By the time leaves are falling I'll know what I really want to spend my money on. 

What are your obsessions this Fall?


  1. i'm loving this "moody" fall look. you have to have a little bit of edge for the cold, fall season. adore each piece!
    xo TJ

  2. Thank you much! I'm lucky Fall Fashion had a lot to offer my personal tastes this year.