Friday, August 3, 2012


Lolla traffic has been coming through work all day long, and it's easy to tell who's going because most of the girls are dressed like this:

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I obviously love dressing for a theme (if I were going those high waist denim shorts would be getting a work-out) but why go to a place where you're going to be sweaty, dancing, and gross and have to worry about a $125 Free People crop top getting dirty? Not to mention the really weird brag session going on on the el: "I haven't eaten all day! I'm gonna look killer in these aztec print booty shorts!" Killer as in passing out from over-heating/lack of nutrients and getting trampled to death by blazed up Black Sabbath fans? Nice gurl. Just eat a hot dog. No one is going to be looking at your tuchas in a mosh pit.

My favorite aside of the day occurred when a girl rolled in wearing crisp clean cutoffs, a pristine white lace top, and a shiny gold boho headband on her forehead with barely broken in moto boots. "I feel like shit" she confessed to her shorts and a tee friend: "Yeah well you look like shit." Shock and horror: "I thought you said it looked great!"

"I lied."

My laughter was barely contained.

Truth be told I was a wee bit jealous. Everyone that was wearing a cool 3-day band I made them stop and brag about it to me. It would have been nice: first Lollapalooza and I would have had a place to crash that wasn't a sleeping bag on someone's floor. But for now I have the people watching, the Lollapalloza Youtube Chanel, and next month's rent money.

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