Friday, August 24, 2012

All That Glitters

I have the distinct pleasure of going to work every day and seeing tons and people of different income levels and personal tastes wearing fantastic outfits. It's like an anthropological observation session on a daily basis. Yesterday a woman came in wearing a three-finger ring, today a woman came in wearing an audio cable as a delicate necklace, and not too long ago one of my favorite customers came in wearing a wooden ring. "It's too weird for my conservative co-workers, but it's from Africa and I buy jewelry when I travel to remind me of those places."
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As much as I know about clothes, I get completely stumped when it comes to accessories. When I get my way with jewelry I wear sliver chains with a charm or pendant, silver stud earrings, and the same three rings in rotation all week long. Sometimes if I'm feeling funky I'll throw on some vintage pieces my mom picked out for me from an antique store on vacation, but normally my fashion focus is elsewhere.

In the name of research I scrolled through Polyvore and found some pieces that I might be interested in breaking my habits for. Fashion forecast always recommend updating your current wardrobe with new baubles but I'd never really bought in to it until now... 

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The statement necklaces would jazz up almost anything in my wardrobe, the art deco pieces would bring out the romance in any outfit and the knuckle rings? Just plain cool. It turns out that I can have more fun with accessories than I thought! What are you looking forward to updating with this Fall?

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