Monday, June 11, 2012

Shopping Glory

Hello, my name is Kiley, and I am an indecisive shopper.

On any giving shopping trip I either can't make up my mind between two items of clothing or I can't convince myself to buy something that I've tried on three times and might be currently standing in line for. Is it worth it? Should I? Let me text a picture to E! I always try to listen to my mother's words: "Where will you wear it? What will you wear it with?" and that normally gives me a solid-ish answer.

But sometimes I can defy my own hesitations and when I ask: "where will you wear this Kiley?" I respond to myself with a resounding: "EVERYWHERE!" It means I've fallen so deeply and madly in love with this item of clothing that I can whip out my debit card with no internal struggle. They are mine and I am theirs, but today my visceral reactions took a turn out of my comfort zone...

Behold! My new pair of high waisted shorts! Or as I like to call them: My Hipster Soccer Mom Pants!

I fully admit that I did not expect the outpouring of love for these shorts. I picked them up figuring I'd try them on, snap a couple pics and have a laugh, but I tried them on an The staff was kind enough to help me wrestle with the internal life crisis I was having between light and dark wash, but ultimately the dark side won out. Two minutes later I was walking away a happy girl!

I texted the picture to my most trusted advisers: Mom and E who both (surprisingly) echoed my sentiments. I barely got in the door of my apartment before kicking my shoes off and diving in to my shopping bag. The shorts were sported around the apartment for the rest of the lazy afternoon with a crop top and a smile, and again the next day with my neon tank and pastel cardigan. The epitome of a retail happy ending.

I know this wasn't on my list of summer risks, but I'm sure glad I tried it!

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