Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Have a Zooper Day!

23. Go to the Zoo with my goddaughter

The entire summer my uncle has been trying to plan a trip to take me to the Brookfield Zoo with my goddaughter so we can see the dolphin show, pet tarantulas and ride the carousel...also in attempts to convince me that it's better than my hometown Columbus Zoo. Hmmmm.... 

We had a really great time building hopping in the rain and getting to see the animals when they were more active. Insider tip: animals are normally awake and moving when it's cool but not too cool, i.e. when it's raining out or early in the morning.

 "We're still number one Uncle Mark" I said. "Yeah, but we're number one...in wombats!" This is a true story. There are wombats out there in the world, and the Brookfield Zoo has them!

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