Monday, August 6, 2012


Mom and I take road trips together. We took them mostly when I was in college to visit my relatives in New Orleans. She remembered taking them with her mother and how much fun they had. It's funny how your mom can become your best friend and yet you can still rely on her to parent you and give you advice when you need it.

One of the last times we went on one of these road trips I picked up Tennessee Williams' biography and read it out loud in the car. According to my research, Williams wasn't getting paid what he thought he should for his memoirs, so they often don't make any chronological sense and are subject to tangents where he'll be describing working with Clark Gable and then jump to the time he lived in New Orleans and he and his roommate would take turns getting sailors back to their apartment. Oh my Tennessee Williams. 

Recently Viking has been doing his own research because his grad school thesis role is a Tennessee Williams play. Viking's research says that while Williams was in grad school at the University of Iowa, he wrote two plays every month. His assignment was to write a short play based on a headline and turn it in after two weeks. That's how he got the idea for the play Viking is performing in this winter. I can attest to this since my honor's thesis was a play based off of a short scene I had written for a class. What better way to hop back on the playwriting wagon then to challenge myself to write two plays every month?

Here are some good ones I want to start with:

Things to do before summer ends

Fried chicken and marriage

Battles rage, a heroine suffers, under stormy skies at Santa Fe

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