Thursday, August 2, 2012

Work Wear: Fantasy Edition

Despite the fact that I've temporarily hung up my set of interview outfits, I still have a fondness for blazers and have been on the hunt for a classic black blazer and pink or red blazer for quite some time. I dug up this gem of a post that I apparently created in January and never posted:

(I don't have any pictures of me wearing anything more professional than a Wizard of Oz costume from when I taught children's theatre. This is what I wore on mine and Viking's 3rd Anniversary so it will have to suffice.)

First up, nothing says I am classic, professional, and you can trust me not to embarrass you or your company with my style choices quite like the single button black jacket. It's a staple in everyones wardrobe and you can use it to show your personality off in a number of ways including a "fun" colored light blue top or maybe jazz it up with kitten heels and nude lipstick. If you want to get really wild, show them your fun side by adding pin stripes!
H&M - Photo via

If you really want to stand out from the crowd and highlight your managerial skillz, why not try red? It's flattering, unique, and the boyfriend style are guaranteed not to make you look like a door man OR a cast member of 9-5. If they truly hate it, claim that your color blind. Your imperfection will make you that much more relatable and endearing.

UO - Photo Via

"But Kiley!" you say: "Some of us have different aspirations than entering the corporate work force!" So for those like me who are currently seeking part time work at a trendy coffee shop, a bakery that only locals know about, or a book store so far off the beat and path that it may as well be Diagon Alley, I have your wardrobe choice. So ironic it's hip and will pair perfectly with your cats eye glasses and blue lipstick. P.S. it has cats on it. Cats are the new owls. Or are owls the new cats?

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