Monday, August 20, 2012

Fall Picks

Around August when the school supplies are rolling out and summer sundresses start to go on sale, inevitably someone will pipe up and say "I can't wait for Fall!" My knee jerk reaction to this is: "Shut up!"

I love Fall just as much, if not more, than the next woolly sweater wearing, pumpkin carving, apple cider drinking girl on the block, but I spent the whole miserable winter waiting to wear shorts, go to the beach, and couldn't wait to ditch having to take my big heavy coat to the bar. I am going to darn well enjoy every moment of my shaven leg bare armed freedom! Of course last week's Chicago weather hissy-fit started to ease me in to the mind set of chunky knits and waterproof boots. That is why back to school shopping will always exist for me, I need something to ease me in to Fall and the pain of giving up my sundresses and cutoffs.

Fall Picks

Fall Picks 

This Fall is about a mix of lady-like structure and sparkle with tomboy style to edge it out, but that tends to be my aesthetic all the time. I'm particularly loving art-deco and costume jewelry, chunky sweaters, lace up boots and printed pants. Did I mention the faux leather? I have little idea what I would pair those pleather shorts with, but I am going to darn well try. I also incorporated some brogue flats, and used trending color oxblood, although my rendition looks more cranberry. I'm still not letting go of my favorite pair of moccasins that I've wanted for months on end now...maybe next week after the rent is paid I'll treat myself!

Are you excited get in to the Fall mood?

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