Monday, June 18, 2012

Treat Yo Self 2012

It's my birth week! I don't think I'm being entirely narcissistic (lies) but I'm really excited about this one! My 23rd "Golden Year" is coming to an end and it's the first time I'll celebrate my birthday in a new city. Plus, Mom has a theory about me: the odd years always wind up being really tough and the even years are fantastic. After this weird year I'm ready for things to take a turn for the better, and I obviously need to start storing up energy for my quarter-life crisis, can't wait! (lies again)

So what will I be treating myself to this week? Baking cupcakes for work! Picking up a magazine and a lip gloss at CVS! Another month of working electricity (oh yeah bills)! A day off to spend with Mom! Finishing as much of my 24 Before 24 list as possible! Finding a great birthday outfit! Finally, planning what I'm actually going to do! I don't normally make plans per-say, but this year having a general idea would be swell.

Young lady in a big city for her 24th, what would you do?

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