Thursday, June 14, 2012

Apocalyptic Workout

When I buy something I wait for the exact right time to use it. I leave clothes hanging in my closet with their tags on and shoes in their boxes until I find the perfect time to wear them. I will save a bottle of wine for a group of friends and a great redbox rental. Two months ago I bought an iPhone app to motivate me to run, and I waited until the perfect 70 degree Chicago Spring day when pollen was low and the sun was out and Running Buddy was along to encourage me. It was the perfect time for BRAAAAAIIIIINS!.

Photo via Wired

Run, Zombies! does everything a normal running app does: clocks your time, tracks your pace...but motivates you by unleashing the undead to chase you. The story begins with you, code name: Runner 5, crash landing in post apocalyptic UK where it's your mission to collect supplies for a town. The more items you gather by running, the more your town can grow and fight off the zombies. You assign your rescued contraband to build your town the way you want...kind of like Farmville but less lame. I thought this was a pretty basic concept but the plot gets deep, quick. I don't want to give too many spoilers but already I've collected a box from the hospital whose contents could either save us or be rubbish, and learned that your commander at radio control lost the love of his life to the outbreak...she was the last Runner 5.

The app has a mode (I admit I was too afraid to try) where the zombies chase you and if you don't run fast enough it's Mission Fail. ALSO it plays music from a play list that you create so you're not just listening to talking the whole time. I think the game had a sixth sense about songs...there were a lot of "sweat" "keep up the pace" and "run" themed ones in there, and when a Zombie was right on my tail "Close To You" popped up. Weeeeird.

I ran for 30 minutes my first time out of the gate since this winter and I was entranced. I wanted to stop a couple of times but how can you when an entire town is depending on your ability to get contamination control kits from the abandoned hospital basement despite the fact that there are a hoard of zombies waiting for you in the parking lot?! You can't.

Here's the Run, Zombies! Kickstarter video to 'splain a little more for you. I think it definitely made my workout more fun!

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