Saturday, June 30, 2012


I was about to explode at work yesterday It started pouring buckets and the store was practically empty. It's incredibly draining just hanging around, cleaning and re-stocking. Everything goes so much faster when there are customers to help. Finally I asked them to send me home. I can count very few times where I have been this anxious for a weekend to begin!

Today I am still in process of trying not to explode. I tried to sleep as long as possble, knowing every minute I'd be jumping up and down. I managed to occupy myself with a walk to get iced coffee and watching Sherlock in my high waisted shorts.

I took a few days off to celebrate our nation's independence properly with the Viking who will return in T-Minus four hours (eeps!) I will be calling cues at full speed tonight...and sitting in the booth trying not to explode.

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