Monday, June 4, 2012

Fisk Day

My mom called me up last Sunday to ask if I wanted to go to a White Sox game. Grandpa would pay for the ticket on one condition...that I get there early and snag him a Carlton Fisk statue that they were handing out to the first 10,000 people or so in the stadium. He even offered to let me bring a friend, then there would be two statues!

After a snafu with the trains not running southbound (what?!) I took the red line to 36th and Sox and walked to the stadium. It's funny the looks you get boarding the red line on the north side wearing a Sox shirt, but as you get closer to the loop you start to pick up more of "your team" and the energy changes. It reminded me so much of game days at Ohio State. As a young'un I was never huge in to sports, but college kind of renewed my sense of team spirit in the Buckeyes, just like going to this game reminded me why I love Chicago to begin with.

I was nervous when I got there because people were walking out of the stadium with the Fisk statues in trash bags! It appeared that they had bought tickets just for the rights to extra statues, but luckily there were plenty left...Grandpa is now the proud owner of two Carlton Fisk bookends. Running Buddy joined up with me and we ate inexpensive stadium food and gabbed in the peanut gallery. We had to leave early so I could make it to my theatre job, but we had an amazing time! We're already making plans to go back when I can stay for the entire game. My north side beginnings be damned, I'm a Sox fan.

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