Sunday, June 10, 2012


You know when you eat raisin bran and you get down to the bottom of the box and that's where all the raisins are hiding? It's that kind of day. I've been so stressed out for the past two weeks and now, I can finally enjoy my raisins! (If you liked that metaphor please subscribe! If you didn't then don't tell me to my face how bad it was, I'm too proud.)

(I found Wall-E and Eve in sidewalk chalk down the street. I figure an adult must have had a hand in this but it's so darn cute! Eve had the little plant for pete's sake!)
Yesterday I made a couple great shopping conquests which I will share during the week, and today is brunch, performance, and then checking out Midsummer Fest in Andersonville with Roommate. All in all a very satisfactory Sunday.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday as well!


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