Sunday, December 4, 2011


Sunday, like rest of my week (or the past month), it's been full of job applications, cleaning, and some serious movie watching. My über private screening of Zoolander in my apartment on Friday has me seriously lusting after this bad boy which I consider the official battle uniform of #chicagowinter. That and orange mocha frappuccinos!

My "home detention center", very cozy.

Since moving here at the beginning of November it's been voluntary house arrest because I am now deathy afraid of spending the savings I have. I venture out for groceries and the occasional job interview or excursion with friends. Mostly I hang out at home and fill out part time job applications online hoping to get a call back. I think I have to start reconsidering my approach.

My plan originally was to: move to Chicago, check. Put in applications to jobs/internships in theatre, check. Secure a part time job immediately so I don't have to ask my parents for a loan in a few months... womp womp.

From my understanding, the best thing you can do to land a theatre job in Chicago is the way I've been trying. Through League of Chicago Theatres and , both awesome resources. What I'm not so clear on is the part-time job market. I've gotten results putting in online applications (interviews, no offers) and I've also been told to just print out some resumes and canvas the neighborhood for openings. This might be my next approach.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Christmas lights: better than the yule log channel

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