Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I like my pizza like I like my fashion...Chicago Style

Since arriving in the windy city in November and hopping on el's and walking around neighborhoods in December it's been kind of inspiring to see what the women of Chicago are sporting this season. I consider myself an expert on outer wear since my last job was almost exclusively outdoors and I always loved to see what other people are wearing. I've been noticing some common themes going on with Chicago lady's winter fashion, and it has me itching to try some new things...

First and foremost, the Chicago woman is very partial to long coats. It helps keep the cold out, and it also acts as a cushy seat cover when you're on the el. Warm chunky scarves are also popular, bonus points if your scarf matches your hat (or is even in the same color family which I can never seem to do.) Winter make-up is also seemingly minimal here. Just a great moisturizer, a lip chap, and a little mascara will do ya. The wind will take care of the flushed cheeks and sexy messy bedhead look. Although if you're not in to that lots, of girls forgo the hat and leave their hair down, mostly blown out and looking shiny. Although, I've never seen one girl fix their hair on the train, how do they do it?

Boots and a great tote bag are also a woman's best friend around here. The boots fight slushy dirty ground and keep your feet toasty while the tote bag can carry everything from work to the bar and home. Skinny jeans and thick leggings also make it easier to tuck in to boots and create a nice balance from your bulky coat. Tinted lip balm, some eyeliner, throw your hair up in a messy bun and you're all set! Thick infinity scarves also make it easy to wrap and go.

Another popular choice of women that are more, shall we say, employed than I am are pencil skirts or a-line wool skirts with a pair of tights. Sweater tights have become a new going out favorite of mine and a girl at a group job interview told me they're easy to layer under jeans when it starts to get really bitter out. Leather gloves keep it classic and also grip better when the train or bus stops too fast. Berry toned lipstick and the sleek pony tail is just another example of how Chicago women keep it chic and casual.

Inspired to try anything?

Pictures via Polyvore

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