Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'll Be Home

Preparing for the trip back to the mothership! I'm flying out tomorrow which means there's a limit to how much I can actually pack...meaning I can't just stuff odds and ends "I think I'll need" in to my car. I'll be driving back with Mom, so that means I don't have to leave room in my suitcase to bring Christmas presents back either, ah-ha-ha!

If you were curious, this is how I pack...

I used to get horribly stressed out about packing. Now I have a system (as you can clearly tell from the above picture)

1.) Pick a color scheme. That way everything matches and can be mixed around. My scheme this time was black, white, and tan with pops of red and green (and denim is a given). I usually pick a color scheme based off what I'll be doing while I'm there or one new piece in my wardrobe that I really want to wear.

2.) Pull items from your closet that fit the color scheme and where you'll be going.

3.) I list the kind of outfits I'll need (a formal outfit, travelling outfit, etc.) and put outfits together on a sheet of paper. Whatever items of clothing I don't use on the list go back in the closet.

4.) Packing make-up, accessories, and shoes is really easy after that. Pack make-up that compliments the clothes, and I always make sure I have a formal shoe (if I have a formal outfit), a flat, tennis shoes, and a pair of boots during the winter.

And this is what I end up with! If you're neurotic like I am the color scheme method of packing is awesome. If you're relaxed about packing then keep on trucking! You clearly have life figured out.

Can't wait to be awake and at the airport in less that twelve hours, you better be ready Columbus!

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