Thursday, December 8, 2011


Here at the Macaque's Igloo (the decided name of our apartment) we have had the good fortune of never having to turn our heat on. We live on the second floor of a three story apartment building and I can only deduce that there is some kind of heat sandwich occurring. I have been going to bed with jersey sheets, a quilt, blanket, and comforter and a full set of sweatpants on, but still...

This morning I woke up shivering, despite my many layers and the cold proof curtain panels which were the BEST that $10 could buy. So I hoofed it down to the little corner hardware store and picked up some "saran wrap" and frost king tape and went on to winterize my windows; only to discover that the panels I bought were too short. Like, two inches too short.

Determined not to have to leave the apartment and face the cold again, I cut up one of the panels we used for the kitchen and made a "franken-panel" out of it. The seal: beautiful. I think I can take this skill straight to the bank.

So hopefully we can hold off on using the heat some more, you know, until it gets really really bad. Because there is no happiness in the world like receiving an electric bill for less than $25 dollars. Although I'm sure the pain of frostbite cancels that out.

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