Saturday, December 10, 2011

Guess Who...!

Does your person wear glasses? No. Does your person have red hair? Yes. Does your person have a beard? YES!

Look at that beard!

My viking boyfriend is plundering Chicago! He had a weekend to spare in between finishing his third semester of grad school and going home to Cleveland. This means three days of dueling computers, singing Lonely Island, and being his sous chef while he makes dinners that I would never make by myself.

For example yesterday he made baked mac and cheese and we watched Princess Frog, recipe here.

Tonight we're making chicken tacos and watching How to Train Your Dragon! I sense a pattern here...


  1. hi, kiley!

    i found yr blog through natthefatrat & was excited to see that another just-graduated, unmarried, non-mom reads that blog! it felt like finding the kids' table in a sea of grown-up tables at a wedding. haha

    i also just moved to a big city (new york) & am navigating the job market while i find a job that suits me. i read that you are having a hard time finding work, & i totally relate. so, here comes my unsolicited advice:

    1) temp agencies! they're great because they hook you up with temporary work that uses your professional skills (e.g. typing!), & it's at-will employment so you can tell them anytime if you can't/don't want to work.

    2) craigslist. this one's a duh, but the key to craigslist is applying to a job within an hour or two of it being posted. i might be exaggerating, but my point is that speed is key. i have to remind myself of that all the time because i tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to cover letters.

    i hope yr job search is going well & that you have a merry christmas!


    p.s. please feel free to share job-hunting tips with me.

  2. I adore unsolicited advice, especially when it comes to the job hunt!

    What I've been doing so far is going to websites of places I like going to and filling out applications. It's a lot easier to be excited about something you actually like.

    The other thing I do is if I have the person's contact info, I will always send a follow up e-mail thanking them for reviewing my application if I haven't heard anything back. This has worked three times for me so far.

    Also, since I’m in theatre there are a couple reliable message boards where jobs are posted daily. I try to check it as often as possible and put in my applications for paid and unpaid gigs alike. It’s worked out for me that I applied for one thing and they liked my resume so much they asked me to interview for something else.

    Other advice I've received but haven't tried yet is printing out resumes and canvassing your neighborhood. Usually if they can place a face to the application it works out better. Also applying to Event Network, or companies that staff gift shops in museums or tourist attractions.

    I have a part time theatre gig now, but I think what’s killing me is my availability. My parents have already booked plane tickets home for Christmas and I think most places would prefer that I stay and work the days following.

    I hope this helps a bit, and if you come across any other tips please let me know!