Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Pants Party

Pre-fall it was all about the pants. This has proved a worthy investment since blue denim is an absolute no-no at the new job, but colored and black denim seems to get along just fine. I made a few investment purchases and I think they'll get me through many autumns to come:

Special thanks to the "amaro" filter on insta-gram. I look truly arty here. These are my dark green zipper jeans à la Gap and they've proven to be a really useful transition piece from work with the polo and heels, to stage management with boots and a black top, and out at night with whateveaIwant. See how I'm rocking the half tuck here? My midwest upbringing said: "don't do it you'll look a fool!" But if J.Crew can do it then I certainly can.

No thanks to amaro filter here for making me look like a blurry mess. But note my relaxed demeanor and carefree spirit? It's these ponte knit pants, also from Gap. (Pon-tee) They're stretchy enough to do yoga in yet have the thickness and style to be considered dress pants at work. A pants miracle? I believe so.

American Apparel has some sort of weird and sinister witchcraft that causes me to shell out for the crazies darn things. I'll be browsing plain white t-shirts next to the gold lamé body suits and suddenly I'll fall in love with a piece of clothing that I never in my dreams would think to covet before. It's impulsive, unadulterated, and as freeing as a breezy spring day after a long and dreary winter.

These are my newest infatuation: faux leather leggings. I told Running Buddy I was just trying them on but I knew in my heart of hearts that they were going home with me. Pulling them on sounded like a sweet romantic melody of trying to put on a wet scuba suit, and the texture caressing my skin felt like I was wearing pants made out of rubber bands and angels wings. Already having spent a lot of pants, I asked RB if I should hold off. "You don't have to buy them today...but since you have to buy them eventually you may as well just get them now and save yourself the gas money."

So welcome to the pants's a party with my pants!

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