Thursday, October 4, 2012

Styling the Polo

When I was getting psyched up for my new job, I was operating under the assumption that there was no dress code other than "business casual". Shock and horror when policy change resulted in, what else? A business casual uniform. Bleck. Fortunately I have options: either I wear an itchy flame retardant grandpa-sweater over pretty much anything but jeans (which I flipping love! no sarcasm or anything!) or I wear a black polo shirt.

Seeing as I have five polo shirts and only one fugly sweater, I need to start using the polos more:

Option 1: The casual side of business casual.

Option 2: Ladylike sophisticated.

Option 3: Funky / Artsy / Might have had a few when I made this...but I love it!

All sets via

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