Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scrub a Dub Dub

When it comes to my beauty routine, the philosophy is normally: "why make it at home when you can buy it in the store?" It always seemed like such a hassle to trek out to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's and track down each individual little ingredient that was otherwise impossible to find in regular stores. But then I found a recipe for Mud Scrub on Pinterest and figured, what the heck, I already have most of the stuff in my cabinet, let's go for it.

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All I used were the coffee grounds, sugar, and olive oil, and since using it I can not shut up about it. It makes your skin so soft and glow-y, I'm guessing from the caffeine. It gets your shower a little messy, but that's the fun of the "mud scrub" I suppose. It's made me think about using other at-home beauty recipes...

Like these for a scalp scrub, a brightening toner, or a homemade hot oil treatment. I'll try them out and report back!

Any at-home remedies that you can't live without?

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