Sunday, October 7, 2012


When I'm in the booth during shows in between calling cues I like to have activities that keep me alert after a long day of work. Sometimes it's knitting, writing free form poetry (really), and today it was hot yoga since the heat was cranked very high in my lil' machine-filled "stage manager's office". But this weekend I tried to focus on teaching myself to waltz.

Ever since I downloaded this new album it makes me want to dance everywhere. Through the halls of work, on the train platform, with strangers at the bar, anywhere really. Determined, I started hearing the melodies in my head and teaching myself basic waltz steps only to realize two hours in that I wouldn't lead a waltz.

So I had to learn it again...backwards. I was #almostsortofpractically a dance minor and reversing a combo is my least favorite thing to do other than doing anything that requires any sort of flexibility. (In case you're wondering I studied modern and I was fantastic at stretching and practicing my gravity-relationship with the floor.) But with a little practice I can lead AND follow, so if you need a teacher I could spin you around in circles :)

It reminded me of all the other things I'd like to learn, at the top of that list: teaching myself to play a ukulele or the banjo. And when I do, this is the first thing I want to learn:

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!


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