Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Play On

I read this amaze-balls article on Thought Catalog:

30 Things You Should Do Right Now

Other than reading poetry, writing every day, and flossing my teeth, one tip in particular blew my 24 year old frigging mind:

23. Listen to a whole album. The digital sales market has returned music to the singles-centric model that worked in the 50s and 60s, but even then the best work was the full vision of an artist. Be it Cher Lloyd or Bloc Party, listen to the entire thing and be sucked into their world. 

Blew it. Clean out of my skull. I can easily recall begging my mom to take me to Media Play to buy a couple of CD's so I could lock my door, plug in my little green box CD player and let the music take me where the artist wanted me to go. Whether I was singing, dancing, or writing on my mammoth sized window 95 wordpad, I was intrinsically lost in the music.

In the spirit of my 7th grade self, I bought some whole albums and allowed myself to get carried away.

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Makes me want to dance, love, play the banjo, see the world, and love again.

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Soulful, romantic, and takes me away from the city for a while even when I'm on the train. 

What other albums should I be downloading? Other than a Rat Pack Christmas that is...

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