Monday, July 9, 2012

School's Out Forever

A solo trip to Country Estates was in order to check up on my throat this morning. It's a rare case but luckily it's nothing serious. When I called Viking to give him the update what I said was "there's nothing they can really do about it" but what he heard was "it's an untreatable fatal illness." Oops.

Despite going it alone, I made a day of it. Eating lunch Noodles and Co. which is surprisingly hard to get to on the north side with Ollie's for dessert. I also practiced what is quite possibly my favorite form of cardio: shopping at Target. I wandered up and down the aisles at my leisure with a minimum of screaming children because it must have been nap-time. I turned the corner and what did I spy?

The school supplies are here! The school supplies are here!

(From Ohio I can hear my mother the teacher: "You are sick.")

School supply shopping is easily one of my favorite pre-fall activities. The allure of an empty notebook, the thought of cracking in to a fresh package of pens, the smell of college ruled loose leaf paper, mmmm!

Of course I made out like a bandit: a binder and two pocket folder for the upcoming production I'm stage managing, and some sweet little notebooks for more writing on the train. How could you not love this? Those ice cream cones have bow ties, bow ties!!! And shall I sing thee a sonnet of finding the perfect plan-book? Something creative yet functional that doesn't have drab colors or an obnoxiously neon pattern. Plus it has space to make lists PLUS it has the same amount of weekly space for Saturday and Sunday, two days often given the shaft by plan books but are the days that I end up doing the most.

I suppose the best part is that these school supplies are for my own enjoyment. My dainty little ice cream cones will never have to hold the Pythagorean theorem or notes on a crap-tastic movie I had to watch in Geology lecture. Only my musings and rants and things that make me happy!


  1. Reid and I went to Target today too! I bought classic paperback books for my Birthday Book Box, 10 packages of Multiplication and Division cards and Dr. Suess pencils for Read Across America Week and a couple of cute note pads. I'm set for school too!