Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ring of Fire

After vowing to myself to blog consistently this entire week something stopped me, doesn't something always?

Viking and I reached the country estates on Sunday night to have a quiet date night...I don't know how to segue in to this any way other than to say that I got a piece of my dinner caught in my throat. I tried everything: throat massage, gargling hot water, hanging upside down from the passenger's side door of Viking's car. Three hours later I tipped my hat to this determined piece of meat and had the Viking take me to the emergency room.

After a round of muscle relaxers I cozied in to watch Ice Road Truckers and wait for this sucker to bite the dust. An hour later, no dice. I started to panic so another round of muscle relaxers and and I was off to sleep. They decided to preform an endoscopy in the morning.

I've had an endoscopy before, and I notoriously complimented the nurse for having gloves that smelled like banana pudding and thinking the doctor was a dreamboat for brushing my hair out of my face. Not to be outdone, I informed the nurses of the banana pudding smell. "That's funny (the throat numbing spray) is supposed to be flavored like bananas! But most of our patients think it tastes like tires." I opened wide: "Oh look at that! You are a pro!" they complimented. Lights out.

After I woke up Viking collected me and a coffee mug full of "Recoup Soup" and took me immediately for some frozen coffee at the D. I guess my first questions were: can I have coffee and can I have ice cream? Yes to both.

Viking and I spent the rest of my days off relaxing and deciphering what was okay for me to eat and what wasn't. Peanuts = not okay. Frozen custard from Ollie's = always okay, no matter what.

At least you can't say our dates are boring! Thank you Viking.

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