Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Local Urban Yokel

I became more of a Chicagoan last week when I, ahem, my sweet mother whom I love dearly, forked over $300 so I could sacrifice two and a half hours of my life switching to Illinois license plates and an Illinois driver's license. I would take a picture for you but something tells me that it's not a good idea...even though I'd really like to show you because the picture actually turned out pretty good for a license picture. The backdrop is a nice teal color that brought out the blue in my hazel eyes *swoon*

Here's me back in December, my first piece of Chicago! But now that I have this proof of residency it opens me up to tons more opportunities in Chicago. Resident's day anyone?

Most museums/art galleries/zoos/places of public interest in Chicago have a day where Chicago residents can come for free to show their appreciation to the tax payers, which is now me! Huzzah! Here is an extremely handy list of Museum Free Days 2012 from Explore Chicago. It has me itching to wander the city and fall in love with it all over again.

Pic Via
First on my agenda is the Art Institute of Chicago

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Fellow Chicagoans or just Chicago-lovers: is there anything else I just have to see? I'm willing to dig up the discount!

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