Saturday, July 28, 2012


Target is not only my favorite place to do my cardio routine, it is also one of my favorite places to browse the racks and try on things I wouldn't normally wear. Panama hats, gold glitter loafers, sheer tunics with flamingo prints, don't mind if I do! I happened upon a maxi skirt, a trend that I had never really attempted, but two minutes with a jersey fold-over and I was in comfy this-should-be-PJs heaven. But, I passed it up, seeing as I had just paid rent and was feeling mighty broke. Doom and gloom: when I came back they were sold out of my size! I have stalked the juniors department ever since and low and behold they returned to me! I snatched up a black maxi skirt and ran home to give it a whirl.

But now that I have it I have no idea how to style it. I tried three different outfit combinations last night before   hanging it back on the rack, defeated. This morning after some minimal Pinterest research and throwing things together on Polyvore, this is what I came up with:

One: a flow-y tank with bohemian edgy accessories, otherwise know as the "celebrity look"

Two: A denim jacket and bright pops of color to make the black skirt a little cheerier.

Three: Belted with a white button up top, very classic.

Which styling do you prefer? And what's your favorite way to wear your maxi skirt?

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