Thursday, July 26, 2012

Suspending Disbelief

A couple of years ago I was getting ready for a wedding. I was going as Viking's date and I had spent the morning getting ready only to find that my strapless dress wouldn't stay up (typical) and my make-up was sweating off and my hair was determined not to do anything. I was in the midst of a pre-event stress out when Viking debuted his own wardrobe choice  for the went a little something like this:

Kiley: What the (crap) are you wearing?

Viking: Suspenders! I forgot a belt.

Kiley: I will buy you a belt on the way, please don't wear those

Viking: Why?

Kiley: Because only old men wear them! Men that can't find a belt that fits!

I pleaded with him to reconsider but his mind was pretty well made up. I tried to take a deep breath and realize how ridiculous I was being, but wouldn't you know it, suspenders have become one of the ongoing jokes of our relationship.

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One of Viking's main points has always been that women have so many more options! Dresses, skirts, shorts of different hem lengths, etc. It felt wrong to deprive him of one of his few potentially stylish options.

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What do you think about men in suspenders? 

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