Monday, July 23, 2012

24 Before I'm 25

I wanted to give myself some time after the 24 before 24 list to think about which goals I wanted to roll over and which to edit slightly or get rid of. Plus I had to come up with some new stuff, and I think I'm pretty happy with the results. I tried to err more on the side of achievable and yet something that would propel me towards the life I see for myself within the next year.  

So without further ado, here is my list:

24 Things To Do Before I’m 25

1.)                Travel to one place I’ve never been before
2.)               Write something every day
3.)               Be happy and self-sufficient with my employment
4.)               Find a work-out regiment that makes me happy
5.)               Complete a full length play
6.)               Save up enough money for a puppy
7.)               Take a class
8.)              Finish reading all the books on my shelves
9.)               Go on one romantic trip with Viking
10.)           Finish making the dress and skirt I started
11.)            Start researching Grad Schools
12.)           Start shopping vintage/thrift more often
13.)           Get a credit card
14.)           Promote myself without being embarrassed
15.)            Pair down my make-up to only high end stuff or things that get a lot of use
16.)           Shop my closet and wear all of my clothes. If I don’t I have to donate it at the end of the season
17.)            Donate money or time to charity
18.)           Run a 10k
19.)           Learn to cook for myself
20.)          Get out of my comfort zone professionally
21.)           Find a way to manage my stress level
22.)          Get a bike
23.)          Go to the zoo with my Goddaughter
24.)           Dance or sing in public

Anything I'm missing? I have no qualms with this becoming a "28 before 25" list.

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