Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I started trying to adhere to the Artist's Way writer's block recovery plan since, oh, I don't know, January, and I have been stuck on Week 4 for approximately forever. It recommends that you use reading deprivation as a tool for expanding your creativity, and I just can't do it.

I know the idea is to get me to observe what's going on around me, draw inspiration from it, and do "artist brain" activities like running, or cleaning, or re-organizing (all of which I need to do) but I've only been able to trick myself in to reading abstinence on the commute home when the train is too packed to read a book. But they may be on to something because I've observed quite a few note worthy things:

1.) A homeless man wearing a brand new outfit and reeking of pee and trapping a young female tourist in to a mumbling one sided conversation that she has no choice but to nod sympathetically to. He blocks the door of the train and when I go to another door he shakes his trash bag at me and mumbles loudly. I should say that this isn't an uncommon observation for the red line...

2.) A 70 year old woman clad head to toe in juniors clothing who is readying her cigarettes for when she leaves the train yet puffing on an inhaler the whole ride. She takes one too many puffs and stumbles off the train

3.) A woman my age with two freshly skinned knees as a result of what I can imagine to be an embarrassing fall running to the train. She reads her book triumphantly and ignores her knees which are starting to drip blood on to her socks. The girl across from her can only avert her eyes in horror. I have a box of band aids in my purse but who would accept them from a smelly tired stranger on the train? I wouldn't. Does she even know she's bleeding? Should I tell her? I wrestle with myself until I have to get off at my stop. Internal crisis averted.

Could you go a whole week without reading anything? Blogs and I'm assuming facebook included? I'm getting close but no cigar.

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