Monday, November 26, 2012

Old Dress New Tricks

In high school I remember stealing moments in between school and the time Dad would come home to watch re-runs of Sex and the City and ogling over, what else? The styling. The clothes were great, but how everything was put together in a quirky fashion forward way made my seventeen year old self aspire to high fashion style on a writer's budget. The one thing that got under my skin is how they would wear these beautiful ensembles and then never again! Why pour all the funds in to something that gets a five minute debut and then disappears in to the bowels of Carry Bradshaw's tiny closet...or her stove turned sweater rack.

Please excuse that bottom right pose. I don't know what I was doing but my hair looks great!

But after moving in to my studio I began to unpack dress after dress that I wore once and hung back in my closet. I realized that it's difficult to wear the same dress twice, especially since facebook culture reminds everyone we're friends with that we've worn it already. Plus it's nice to show up in something fresh for a special occasion. But in keeping with my 24 Before 25 list I want to wear everything once. So this holiday season I'm going to try (try I said!) not to buy a new dress.

I don't want to make any promises here, some of this season's offerings are just too tempting. But I have some strategies to keep my paws off a new dress that will just end up sitting in my closet:

// 1. Update with a cute pair of tights / 2. Keep it fresh by trying a new beauty product / 
/ 3. Accessorize with new or different jewelry / 4. Step out in a festive pair of heels / 5. Top it off with a chic menswear inspired tux jacket / 6. Pick out a new hairstyle to give the seasoned dress some oomph! //

Let's see how long I last. I'll definitely post re-styles once I've worn them!

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