Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Work It Out

Sometimes when you have a nerdy question, worry or insecurity, I think it helps to put it out there. Chances are you're not the only nerd that feels this way and other nerds would enjoy commiserating with your inherent  nerdiness. Nerd.

I was in the midst of a work-out/room cleaning know, 50 crunches and then you hang up laundry. 20 lunges and then you clean your sink. It's the ultimate form of procrastination. I'm procrastinating cleaning by working out and procrastinating working out by cleaning which results in actual results. God I'm good. The procrastination took a turn for the awesome when a spine roll/dresser reorganization turned in to a dance party. Thankfully I have but one mirror in my bedroom, and as I'm going in to a full on rage I catch sight of myself and realize that I have no idea what to do with my arms. It was all hips and tush and my arms were like spaghetti noodles. So my nerdy question is: what do you do with your arms while dancing?

The obvious first choice is to Google "what do you do with your arms while dancing?" and low and behold Seventeen has a forum discussion for it. Duh. I started there and worked my way around the internet, and here are my best solutions:

// Run your hands through your hair / Touch other parts of your body: hands on the hips, on the waist, head shoulders knees and toes? / Let your arms move with your hips / Vogue it out / YouTube your favorite songs and try out a few things / Should a friend be present, hold hands with them; this is genius really, let them figure out what to do with your arms / Don't think about it at all. Chances are no one is noticing that your arms are out of sync, and you're just trying to have a good time anyway //

I hope you all feel less like a nerd, I know I sure do(n't), but we'll dance anyway.

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