Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gearing Up

Winters in Ohio my needs were simple: a pea coat and a nice pair of boots. But Chicago is a whole different ball game when it comes to winter. I'm not comparing it to the Klondike Mountains, but living right off the lake when the wind whips around and knocks you off balance, you only wish you could cherish the gray slush of Columbus. Winter is right around the corner here, and you can tell by chapped lips, hot chocolate cravings, and the Christmas Wreaths already up on State Street. Sheesh. The only thing that helps me look forward to it all is the thought of adding some nice style-staples to my wardrobe...

I think I have the basics nailed down thanks to some thoughtful Christmas gifts, but this year I'd like to step it up a notch, really give winter a what-for while still looking professional and stylish.

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Starting with a chic tailored jacket. Not that I dislike my winter coats, but my pea coat has seen better days. (I have had it since I was a junior in high school...yeah, that's devotion.) But something about the belted military style coats reads classic, sexy, and elegant. Besides which, I saw an uber stylish Chicago-lady wearing one paired with riding boots and wavy ombre ends and I was sold. Obviously I think very highly of Chicago winter style.

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Next come some serious boots. I have my lovely red Hunters courtesy of my Valentine, but some other styles have been catching my eye lately. These Sperry boots are nothing short of ruggedly amazing and the traction on those puppies will be great for slippery surfaces (I think it's safe to liken a wet El floor with a boat dock). The kick-ass classics: Dr. Marten's, and of course the ever-outdoorsy chic L.L. Bean Boots. The navy colored bottoms add the right amount of sharpness.

Lastly, top off your foundation with some luxurious looking accessories. I'm a sucker for lady-like gloves. Velvet scarves have been popping up around town lately, and I don't know if its the stylish elderly women I see on a daily basis, but a turban-style hat would add an elegant and edgy touch.

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