Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Missed You!

I'm reporting to you from the coffee shop around the corner from my NEW STUDIO APARTMENT! In the midst of my laptop breaking the move took place, and Chez Kiley Kate is still without wireless as of this morning. A wire replacement next week should right well fix that. The gentleman from the cable company assured me that it would be a "fresh new wire" as if likening it to new crisp bed sheets or a clean coat of paint. But until then I'll be hanging out at Metropolis. Listening to The Cure and sipping Mexican Hot Chocolate seems like the right way to start my day off.

And since I don't know where my next wireless connection is coming from, I'll get posts done for the whole week today. Can you imagine that? A week's worth of posts after two weeks of utter radio silence.

I'll take you on a tour of my new apartment and my new found decor obsession. Can you blame me? I've never had a place all to myself! I also have 100+ unread blogs to attend to on my que which will hopefully garner some fashion inspiration that I've lost as of late. And of course there's always good ole' Chicago to write about. I've missed my creative outlet!

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