Friday, November 9, 2012

Deck the Halls

The complaints about the holidays coming earlier and earlier keep rolling in, and right off my back. Obviously since I was ready to listen to Christmas music in mid October. But think about it folks, if we start decorating for the holidays early then there's an extra month to enjoy your hard work making your dwelling look festive, three if you're like me and let some x-mas stuff slip by through January.

Here are a few understated ways to inject some holiday cheer in to your home without driving you nuts before December:

Greenery is always a nice touch, especially in winter where you start to become tree-deprived.

Stick to either red or green while decorating, that way the Christmas spirit isn't all up in your face.

Use good old fashioned paper snowflakes! You legitimately can leave these up all winter long.

These metallic starts are festive yet not over the top.

Add some glitter: cheery and stylish.

White lights put some warmth in to your space, I love the glow they create in the evenings.

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