Sunday, November 18, 2012


After my computer was fixed I logged on to my bloglovin' que and found almost 200 unread blogs, 200! I would catch up on a few before work, read some while I was eating dinner, and last night I finally got through the majority of them. Now that's dedication. I can't hear a faint voice in the distance saying: "now if only you put that much effort in to you math homework..." Never have, never will.

One of the last blogs I read was the A Cup Of Jo post about Mindy Kaling and asking her mother for advice before she passed. The most important thing she remembered was "You have to be your own best friend. If you always remember that, you will always have someone there with you." It made me think, have a really been a best friend to myself lately? Beating myself up at work for not making sales goals, being down on myself for not working out when I know I should, and even criticizing myself for not writing these blog posts more often. So yesterday, I decided to be a great best friend to myself.

I was easy on myself at work, everyone has off days, y'know? I went grocery shopping and bought myself a glass pan and some brownie mix, then hit up the redbox for some girls-night-in DVD rentals. I did a little work out while I was waiting for the brownies to be made and then I watched Magic Mike and ate said crumbly hot delicious brownies (but no worries, I worked out before I ate them so they cancel each other out.) I cleaned my room because I knew I would love waking up to a tidy space and I scoured Pinterest without shame of my time being "wasted". I spoke kindly to myself about this only being a speed bump in a really long journey, that I won't always be struggling but even when I am, I'll have a best friend to fall back on when I need help.

Have you been a great best friend to yourself lately? I'd highly recommend it, especially if there are brownies involved.

Have a great Sunday!


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