Friday, January 4, 2013


Never mind that I don't have the time, means, or necessity to go buy a new dress for New Year's. Remember that oh so distant promise I made to myself? Gosh darn it, sometimes a girl just needs a reason to buy a new dress. Can I get an amen? Thank you.

I picked it up at Urban Outfitters  mere hours before heading out for the night, or rather, Mom picked it up. I had showed her the dress online before and she did. not. like. it. I wanted to try it on just to show her how cute it would look, and it really did. I fell in love. As fancy as the frock is, it spent some time on the Chicago red line, in a dive bar that played southern rock revival, to a theatre where Jameson was spilled on it and finally it took a ten dollar cab ride home at three in the morning. All in all it was everything a good New Year's dress should be: sparkly, sexy, and comfortable enough to fall asleep wearing it at the end of the night. Plus...

I regret this facial expression.

Look at the back! I had to talk myself in to taking the sweater off at some point, Chicago is cold in case you haven't heard, but it was too fantastic not to. I can't wait to make up a reason to wear it over the summer.

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