Monday, January 14, 2013


What did I say just a gosh darn week ago? Blog content is so hard to create when you're surrounded by gray slush and dropping temperatures. Luckily a few things have been ruling my world lately that have been pushing me full steam ahead. Those things are (in no particular order):

The arrival of Ms. Whiskey-Pants to Chicago on Saturday for RB's birthday. We are gonna tear. it. up.

Travel plans to see Ms. E in Atlanta and a potential road trip up to Nashville for the Color Run. Better dust off my running shoes.

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Lastly but not least-ly, Starbucks oatmeal. I was already under the impression that steel cut oats were just good for your soul, but I will plan my day around making it to the Starbucks on Michigan and Adams just to get a bowl of this chunky deliciousness. I realize, I have a problem.

What's getting you through your winter week? (9 weeks until Spring!)

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