Monday, January 28, 2013

The Blues

Chicago is known for its bi-polar weather and wind that will knock you clean off your path, but what it's been known for lately is cranking out some grey and bitter days. On a daily basis I seek solace in going home, changing in to sweats as quickly as possible, and drinking hot tea in bed by the delightful radiator in my apartment that sounds like a VHS tape is being rewound. I close the curtains and the sound lulls me in to a warm dullness that blocks the wind and cold from entering my tiny sanctuary.

Today proved no different. I woke up, took a scalding hot shower, and shuffled around my apartment in my Minnetonka slippers lapping up coffee and zoning out in to my bowl of Chex. I started window shopping spring clothes online, then swimsuits, then airfare, and oh look! My debit card is already sitting on my bed! Must be fate. I book a spring flight for Atlanta and let the warmth spread over me and the muted Chicago sky fades to blue.

Oh my gosh, I am so freaking excited!

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