Monday, December 10, 2012

Warm and Snuggly

It might be the festive time a year, my drafty apartment, or just my inherent dorkiness, but I am falling in lurve with matching pajama sets. They're classic, warm and are guaranteed to make your Christmas look like a Norman Rockwell painting. Throw on an over sized robe and cushy slippers to bring the yuletide with style.

/ 1. Aerie Fuzzy Scuffs / 2. Gap Flannel PJ set / 3. J.crew Vintage Pajama Set  / 
/ 4. Aerie Lace Trim Robe / 5. Gillian O'Malley Flannel Coatset / 6. Gap Fleece Sherpa Lined Robe
/ 7. Gillian O'Malley Woven Pajama Set / 8. Hanes Premium Men's Knit Robe / 9. Target Leopard Slipper /

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