Thursday, December 13, 2012

24 Before 25: 6 Month Review

A little under 6 months in and I thought it was time to do a review of what I have left to do on my 24 Before 25 list...and so far it appears that I have a lot. Being the fanatical list maker that I am, I put a check mark next to the things that I'm well on my way to doing and crossed out the one that is for sure done. I did have to make some edits to the list but that's the way it goes. I think the new goals are more reflective of how I feel about myself and what direction I'm taking my life.

24 Things To Do Before I’m 25

1.) Travel to one place I've never been before (Atlanta) ✓ 
2.) Write something every day (Blog) 
3.) Be happy and self-sufficient with my employment (getting there!) 
4.) Find a work-out regiment that makes me happy
5.) Complete a full length play
6.) Save up enough money for a puppy (money, no time) 
7.) Take a class (free at work!) 
8.) Finish reading all the books on my shelves (three to go) 
9.) Wear a bikini
10.) Start sewing/crafting again (Knitting) 
11.) Check off every place on my foursquare brunch list 
12.) Start shopping vintage/thrift more often
13.) Get a credit card
14.) Promote myself without being embarrassed 
15.) Pair down my beauty supply (organizing and finishing products) 
16.) Shop my closet and wear all of my clothes. If I don’t I have to donate it at the end of the season 
17.) Donate money or time to charity 
18.) Run a 10k (Researched, just not training)  
19.) Learn to cook for myself (Cooking, but same five things) 
20.) Get out of my comfort zone professionally
21.) Find a way to manage my stress level 
22.) Get a bike
23.) Go to the zoo with my Goddaughter
24.) Dance or sing in public 

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